– More than 50% of people wouldn’t buy from a company that used bad grammar and spelling in its messaging.

– A single spelling error can cut online sales in half.

– Spelling mistakes affect people’s perceptions of intelligence, credibility, and reliability.

We don’t just care about spelling.

We care about you and your business thriving.


I edited a book!

Last spring, I had the privilege to edit a book written by my good friend, Sakinah Bunch, of Cleangoodeats.com. Sakinah is a health and wellness coach who brings families back to the table through mentorship and cooking Read more…

Word War.

“[Resistance] is the force that has stopped countless artists throughout the ages, repelling them from their work like two similarly charged magnets.” – Jennifer Fulwiler, “One Beautiful Dream” If you’re wondering where I’ve been lately, Read more…